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Thank you for your order. You will receive a custom 2 layer runner's tutu in gold and white with lights. as seen in the above photo and a matching headpiece .  Please provide  the following measurements in the measurements box: waist and waist to stopping point on your thigh. If nothing is placed in the box the system will not allow you to move forward. I will begin work on your order immediately once payment is received. I will have your items in the mail nlt 26 May to ensure prompt delivery. I will provide the shipping details to you once the items have been mailed.  Shipping is done through USPS Priority Mail and takes 2-3 days. The system uses Paypal as well as accepting major credit cards at checkout and often asks you to verify your account, this is a normal security measure. Thank you for your business.(Please note the picture is a Layla's Loft original) Thank You. Layla's Loft

Laura's Custom Firefly Runner's Tutu

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