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♥ Unique By Nature custom blends

Most scents can be used for all products!


Apple Blossom - Apple, spice, citrus, clove, nutmeg and a cinnamon twist

 Banana Berry - A delightful banana scent with a hint of berries, delicious!

 ♥    Bergamot Tangerine Dream    A sophisticated citrusy scent that is refreshing and uplifting

 Blueberry Delicious burst of sweet juicy wild blue berries.                        
 Brown Sugar Romance - A Soft and Sweet Natural Fig accord with Hints of Coconut & Cedar

Candy Apple - The sweet aroma of that home town fair favorite

♥   Cherry Liscious  - A tropical delight of sun ripened cherry with a hint of tropical fruits.  

♥    Christian Heaven - A perfect blend of cinnamon, vanilla pure delight

♥    Cinnamon Tease - A lush blend of Cinnamon, apple, cherry blossom, white jasmine & citrus that’ll tease all your senses!                 

♥   Citrus Passion - A citrusy bouquet with an undertone of apple, peach and black currant
♥   Coconut Tropics - Fresh cracked coconut with a blast of pineapple.                                                                                 Cotton Candy - Sweet candy like scent, remember the carnival
 ♥   Enchanted Rose - A Relaxing floral bouquet with sweet rose top notes

Fresh Linens - Fresh crisp and clean linen on a summer day
 ♥   Fruit Kisses - A Sexy Mouthwatering scent of lush berries, sugary melons &  citrus notes
Fruit Slices - A fresh fruit salad with citrus and ripe berries 
Hawaiian Paradise - An exotic fruit plate of peaches, strawberries, pineapples,  wild cherries, oranges and red raspberries.      

 ♥ Heaven Scent (masculine)  - custom blend of evergreen woods, citrus, moss, wild berries and fresh air

Hummingbird Paradise - Highly Fragrant Blend of fruits: apples, berries, coconut & undertone of violet and musk

♥  Jasmine Rose Ecstasy - Sweet floral scent, soothing, relaxing aphrodisiac, sensuous & anti-depressant

♥   Juicy Melon -  Citrus melon heaven!  The name says it all, it’s intoxicating!

♥   Kiwi-Cucumber Melon -  Ripe honeydew melon, with cool cucumber & juicy sweet kiwi.

♥  Lemon Delight - Lemony sweet, clean & refreshing scentsation!                

Lick me all over - Exotic fragrance with base notes of cotton candy & vanilla.  Middle notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, plum & watermelon.                                

Love Bliss - Sweet berries citrus bouquet enhanced by hints of peach and berries on an undertone of musk, Exotically Romantic

Magnolia- Rose, Jasmine and carnation with hints of neroli and gardenia

Macintosh Apple – Sweet apple  

Mulberry - Classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries and bitter orange peels

Papaya Mango - A tropical fruit salad on a light vanilla background

Passion Fruit - A fruity blend of mandarin and pineapple, coconut, to create a tropical blend of romance

Patchouli -  Wood, twigs and leaves blended to create this oriental bouquet 

Peach-Magnolia-Raspberry - A fruity floral combination consisting of peach, strawberry, apple, and berry

Plumeria - A fruity blend with floral and spicy notes 

Pomegranate - Nice blend of peach, apple and strawberry with a touch of vanilla  

Red Hot Cinnamon - A strong spicy cinnamon

♥ Rush (masculine) -   A blend of wood musk, citrus & wild berries  

Sage & Citrus - Herbal & floral bouquet with a sweet woody background    

Sandlewood (masculine) - Woody bouquet with touches of cedar wood, amber, and musk                   

♥  Sealed with a kiss - Highly Fragrant Blend of fruits: apples, berries, coconut & undertone of violet with a hint of vanilla

Strawberry -  Ripened sweet wild Strawberries

Sweet Lorena - Stimulate the senses with Citrus, vanilla scentsation 

♥  Tranquil Lavender Dreams - Relaxing & Soothing aroma of peaceful slumber

Tutti Fruity - Banana, raspberry, peach and orange on a background of wintergreen

♥ Velvet Vanilla - Vanilla bouquet with buttery nut nuances.  Helps calm the senses and relieve stress. 

♥ Very Sexy - A unique blend of Berries, vanilla & soft floral notes. Soft & Sexy!

Victorian Garden - Fragrant floral bouquet enhanced with anise and coriander seeds

Watermelon - Cool & refreshing scent of sweet ripe watermelon

White Cherry Blossom - A soft floral aroma of lily of the valley, rose petals, fresh  jasmine and ylang-ylang enhanced by sweet lemon and  soothing sandalwood.                              

Woodberry - A fruity bouquet of peaches, apples and strawberries with jasmine and rose (great for smoke and eliminating food scents)

♥  Woodberry - Musk (masculine) - A provocative scent of woods, bergamot and amber.



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